Over the last several decades, the social impact sector has played a key role in addressing many of our society’s most important needs. INP deeply believes that a network of skilled social impact leaders that reflect our society’s diversity can transform both the organizations they lead and the communities they serve.

Grounded in community organizing principles, we believe that place-based solutions derived from communities and not for communities are almost always most effective. We weave together deep local connections and relationships, connected to a national network, to catalyze social change. Our programs provide social impact leaders with the knowledge and relationships to boldly advance their careers and be forces of change in their organizations and communities.

Since our founding in 2007, INP has sought to equip a diverse community of leaders with the skills and networks they need to be successful. We know from comprehensive, external evaluation that, as a result of attending INP:

  • Alumni improved management and leadership skills in critical areas like finance, management, fundraising, and marketing
  • Alumni reported that networks built through INP helped further their careers and improve their organizational resources and impact
  • Alumni improved skills in implementing a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) strategy at their respective organizations

The benefits of INP extend beyond the growth of individual leaders into their organizations and the communities they serve. We believe that it is important for the social impact sector to reflect the diversity of their constituents, and thus we continue to amplify the voices and talents of those historically underrepresented in nonprofit leadership – Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) leaders and women – working at all levels of organizations. We support students of all races and ethnicities in honing their personal approach to championing DEIB in all they do. 

This past year, leaders were challenged to work together, adapt, and innovate at an unprecedented rate to serve their communities’ rapidly changing needs. Our communities count on nonprofits and community organizations to keep them strong. Hundreds of organizations have leveraged INP to advance their team’s management and leadership skills, self-care, mindfulness, and healing, strengthening everything from internal hiring practices to culture building to marketing to fundraising. INP ensures that leaders and organizations have what they need to meet their goals and help them thrive.

Alumni Report


improved their ability to build a healthy high performing team culture


improved their skills in critical areas like finance, management, fundraising, and marketing


improved their skills in implementing strategies that increase diversity and inclusion


built networks through INP that helped improve their organizational resources and impact

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