At INP, we offer highly effective and affordable leadership development and capacity building programs to build the knowledge, financial, and social capital of rising and current leaders, and to advance talent across organizations. 

Our programs dig deep. We combine best-in-class management and leadership skill building and resources with transformative experiences using reflection, appreciative inquiry, mindfulness, and self-awareness. We continue to evolve and grow our programming to create a sector that leads the way in social change and equity.

Out of the INP experience emerge strong, resilient leaders with broad, diverse networks, equipped to build high-performing organizations. And they are transforming the sector to one that is exponentially more effective, connected, and diverse – across all levels of leadership.   


Black Leadership Institute – A national eighteen-month program that connects, inspires, and uplifts senior-level Black leaders shaping social impact across the country and across sectors. Through transformative programming, BLI supports Black leaders with the resources, network, and community to build upon their social, financial, knowledge, and cultural capital as they step into positions of greater power and influence.

Core Certificate Program – A program that equips nonprofit, public, and social enterprise leaders with the skills, knowledge, and networks they need to make strategic, mission-driven decisions and effect meaningful change at their organizations.

RISE Program – An early career program for those passionate about advancing equity (with approximately five or fewer years of professional experience) to gain an understanding of how social impact organizations function, develop essential leadership skills, engage in networking, and propel their careers.

Leadership Learning Series (LLS) – A series of virtual workshops and webinars led by experts and national thought leaders to inspire, educate, support, and connect social impact leaders.

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