August 4, 2021 | News Article

Giving Compass: We Depend On Nonprofits. Why Don’t We Invest In Their Leaders?

INP’s President and CEO Yolanda Coentro shared a blog post on the Giving Compass website.

We Depend On Nonprofits. Why Don’t We Invest In Their Leaders?

Our society needs nonprofits. They pick up where government resources drop off, or are absent to begin with. Nonprofits are innovating solutions to our biggest challenges every day and the pandemic has highlighted the absolutely critical role that these institutions play.

The need to increase philanthropic investments in racial equity and leadership development in the social sector is urgent. High performance at the leadership level is a determining factor in any organization’s success. Leadership matters, and representative leadership matters. When leaders have the skills, knowledge, resources, and networks they need, they can succeed. And when leadership succeeds, organizations can ensure the dollars invested in their work are leveraged for greater community impact.

So, why do we chronically underinvest in leadership development in the sector, despite our reliance on nonprofits to address the most urgent issues of our time?

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