Frequently Asked Questions


Application Process

What's the process for recommendations? The two required references will receive a recommendation an electronic notification letting them know a candidate has listed them as a reference in addition to the recommendation form after applications are submitted. We expect to receive recommendations separately and after applications are submitted.

What happens after I apply?  We invite all applicants to a group interview - you can expect to hear from us within three weeks about scheduling your interview.  

What should I expect at the interview, and how should I prepare?  Our group interviews are designed to give candidates insight into our programs, and are not traditional interviews. There are typically 6-8 students candidates and 2 Institute staff or alumni at each interview. We will ask all candidates to share throughout the interview, and encourage candidates to ask one another questions and support one another. There is also time for questions about the program. You should be prepared to discuss the opportunities and challenges in your current work; what you want to learn from the program; and how you'll add to the community through the program. Please dress in business casual or professional clothing.

Where will interviews be held?  Interviews are typically held in downtown Boston or in Providence.

When are references contacted?  After you apply, the two references you provide in your application will receive emails with links to short reference forms. 

When will I receive an admissions decision? We will provide you with a specific date for admissions announcements at your interview. In general, we seek to announce decisions within 45 days of application. 

Program Details

What if I need to miss a class due to work travel or a planned commitment, or an emergency?  We understand that students occasionally have unavoidable conflicts with class. If you miss more than 3 classes, you will not earn your certificate, but we can work with you to make up missed classes in some cases.

How much homework is there?  On average, students spend 90-120 minutes preparing for each class, primarily reading articles and cases.

Will I receive books or a reading packet?  You will receive online access to class materials; you may print them if you wish.

Tuition (Core Program only)

How is tuition determined?  We are committed to keeping tuition accessible, and our tuition is a fraction of our cost to run the program. Our sliding fee scale for tuition is detailed on the Core Certificate Program page.

When are tuition payments due?  Tuition is due before the start of the program; please reach out to us if that poses a challenge so we can make arrangements.

I work for an organization with a parent organization. Which one's revenue is considered for tuition determination?  The organization that provides your HR oversight is the one used for revenue determination. 

Affiliation with Tufts University

What benefits do Institute for Nonprofit Practice students receive from Tufts?  We are a proud affiliate of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University.  In addition to earning a certificate from Tufts, Institute students have access to selected events and library resources; students' organizations often benefit from partnering directly with Tisch College students as fellows/interns and with faculty for research.

Do I need to attend class or events on the Tufts campus?  Our classes do not meet at Tufts, though some program events (e.g. orientation and graduation) may be on campus.

Who issues my certificate? The Institute for Nonprofit Practice provides the certificate to Community Fellows and Core graduates in affiliation with the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University. Community Fellows receive a certificate in Community Leadership and Social Change and Core students receive a certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. 

How should my certificate be listed on my resume?  Example: Institute for Nonprofit Practice, in affiliation with Tufts University's Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 2017