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The Institute for Nonprofit Practice (INP) is pleased to invite nominations and applications for its Managing Director, Black Leadership Institute position. INP transforms communities by equipping the most promising social impact leaders – nonprofit, public sector, and social enterprise – with the skills, networks, confidence, and resources they need to effectively lead, advance justice, and make their organizations more effective, innovative, and sustainable.

Since its founding in 2007, INP has sought to advance organizational effectiveness while closing historic racial and gender gaps in leadership, ensuring that the social impact sector reflects the strengths and diversity of communities served. Building on the social, knowledge, and financial capital of student leaders, INP seeks to create a transformed and thriving social impact sector, driven by effective nonprofits and community organizations with strong and diverse leadership across all levels—from staff and managers to executives and board members. Operating in nine cities across the country, INP trains thousands of leaders annually through the Core Certificate Program, Community Fellows Program, RISE Fellowship, Summer Program, and the Leadership Learning Series, all deeply rooted in the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. More on INP’s program offerings can be found here.

As part of its efforts to grow and scale its programs and impact, INP publicly announced in December 2021 the creation of the Black Leadership Institute (BLI) in response to the ongoing systemic racism and oppression experienced by the Black community. The BLI program seeks to connect, inspire, and uplift Black leaders in the social sector and actively contribute to the building of Black power, influence, and wealth. Through transformative programming, BLI supports Black leaders with the resources, network, content, and community needed to build upon their social, financial, knowledge, and cultural capital as they step into positions of greater power and influence.

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This search is being led by Julian Jackson, Yuniya Khan, and Rachel Burgoyne of NPAG. Candidates may submit their cover letter, outlining their interest and qualifications, along with their resume via NPAG’s candidate portal.

The Institute for Nonprofit Practice is an equal opportunity employer fully committed to creating an environment and team that represents various backgrounds, perspectives, styles, and experiences. All are encouraged to apply because we believe a diversity of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.

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