Continue to learn with us.

Throughout the  year, we offer continuing education workshops which are free to current students and alumni. 

Matterness: Making Stakeholders Feel Known, Valued, and Empowered, led by Debra Askanase
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
9:30-12pm @ Citizen Schools, 308 Congress Street

Matterness is a way of working that makes our stakeholders feel known, acknowledged and invested in their support of our organizations. Stakeholders who feel like they Matter enthusiastically contribute their time, knowledge, networks and funds when asked. This participatory workshop will focus on understanding and implementing Matterness in your digital communications, with a special focus on social communications. We will discuss how to move organizational culture from “us/them” to that of inviting online stakeholders to be in conversation with us, creating avenues for participation, and leading by listening. We’ll look at examples, and get to work developing implementable digital and social media Matterness practices. You will leave with a new framework for communication, and concrete ideas to put into place. This workshop is appropriate for any nonprofit professional, and especially valuable to individuals with some responsibility for/influence on communications efforts, especially social media.


“Whether it's better ways to facilitate a board meeting, manage a budget, or strategically plan the organization’s future, I believe I am better equipped to help increase my nonprofit’s impact through lessons learned at the Institute.”

—Lily Lynch, Senior Director of Women's Philanthropy, United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley