2016 Annual Report

This year, the Institute expanded beyond Massachusetts and launched the Core Certificate Program in Providence, Rhode Island.


Rhode Island relies on nonprofit organizations to provide vital services and improve the quality of life for its citizens. Yet, as in much of New England, many Rhode Island nonprofits are struggling to professionalize and gain financial stability.

By increasing the knowledge and skill of leaders in Rhode Island, we are helping to stabilize and strengthen nonprofit organizations, better equipping them to do their vital work. Improving the professional capabilities in this sector will have an especially significant impact on the state’s workforce, as Rhode Island nonprofits employ more than 18% of the labor force – the second-highest rate in the nation. 

Thirteen leaders participated in our inaugural Rhode Island class, representing a breadth of nonprofits in and around Providence, from zoos to historical societies and everything in between. The graduation ceremony was keynoted by Rhode Island Secretary of State, Nellie Gorbea who issued citations to each of the students.



“The Institute’s certificate program curriculum provided a strong foundation in the fundamentals of nonprofit management as well as practical application to my daily work. I'm thrilled the program came to Rhode Island and gave me an opportunity to explore new ideas around leadership and put them into practice with peers from other organizations.”

Megan Fischer, Associate Director, Providence Children's Museum, Class of 2016