2016 Annual Report

In 2016 the Institute graduated our most diverse class to date - 58% of students and 80% of faculty were people of color.


Nationally, only 11% of nonprofit CEOs are people of color. At the Institute, we work to increase diversity at top levels of leadership in the nonprofit sector, not only to create more equitable workplaces, but also to increase the effectiveness of sector as a whole. 

When nonprofit leadership is reflective of its constituency, organizations are better equipped to build credibility and cultivate community connections, and evidence suggests that more diverse teams and classrooms perform better and are more effective at problem solving. 

To strengthen the learning experience for all of our students and to build a skilled and diverse leadership pipeline, each year we recruit a highly diverse class comprised of the most promising individuals. This year was no exception; 58% of our students and 80% of our faculty were people of color, making the class of 2016 our most diverse to date.

"At the Institute I witnessed a wide range of diverse men and women, students and faculty, who are passionate about changing the nonprofit world. The Institute has given me the confidence and reassurance that one day I will be in a position to not only be a trailblazer in the nonprofit world, but also a leader in the city of Boston." 

Christian Pagán, Director, Franklin Hill Boys and Girls Club, Class of 2016